Strategic Plan

Vision: To continue to work extensively to develop programs and services to assist players, coaches, teams, league executives, umpires and convenors/directors with their local slo-pitch programs.

Mission Statement:


Operating Principles: Providing leadership in playing procedures, rules and administration, and programming, for adult slo-pitch players in the Province of Ontario, from the recreational/fun level to the most competitive, including qualifying tournaments, Series programs (where teams compete over the course of a season for points), and annual Provincial Championships, encouraging participation, camaraderie, and competition for male and female players of all ages (16+ to 70+)

Values: All participants are expected to, at all times, display respect for the rights, dignity and worth of athletes, coaches, officials, other volunteers, media, friends and spectators, and treat everyone equally regardless of sex, ethnic origin, religion or ability.

Pillars of the Plan Pillar 1: Enhanced Participation A significantly higher proportion of Ontarians from all segments of society are involved in quality softball activities at all levels and in all forms of participation.

Pillar 2: Enhanced Excellence The pool of talented Ontario players has expanded and Canadian players and teams are systematically achieving world class results at the highest levels of International competition through fair and ethical means.

Pillar 3: Enhanced Capacity The essential components of an ethically based, player/participant centered development system are in place and are continually modernized and strengthened as required.

Pillar 4: Enhanced Interaction The components of the softball system are more connected and coordinated as a result of the committed collaboration and communication amongst the stakeholders.

Pillar 1: Enhanced Participation Success Measures: a) Increase the number of registered participants (players, coaches, and volunteers). b) Increase the use of Domestic programs in Ontario. c) Increase the number of trained and certified coaches.

Major Initiatives – Roles 1. Identify 2014 participation numbers and track subsequent years. (SPO Staff) 2. Develop and promote membership benefits to stakeholders and potential new members. (SPO CEO) 3. Set coaching certification standards for all rostered coaches. (SPO President)

Pillar 2: Enhanced Excellence Success Measures: a) Achieve the minimum of 1 Ontario team medaling in both the Men’s and Women’s Canadian Championships in all Categories. b) Achieve 10 Ontario Athletes on the Border Battle Team.

Major Initiatives – Roles 1. Identify strategies to ensure Ontario representation at all Canadian Championships. (SPO CEO & SPO Board) 2. Maintain and Improve the Super Series. (SPO CEO)

Pillar 3: Enhanced Capacity Success Measures: a) Increase the number of technology tools. b) Improve the quality of coaches. c) Ensure that all programs are LTPD compliant and that LTPD implementation is ongoing. d) Increase current and new revenue. e) Effective organizational management/development. f) Facilities that suit the game, sport stream and age.

Major Initiatives – Roles 1. The Links tool to SO, SC & CAC coaching information is on website. (SPO Staff) 2. Increase the use of technology. (SPO Staff) 3. Review all policies and procedures every 3 years. (SPO President) 4. Update Risk Management plan every 3 years. (SPO President) 5. Improve facility alignment. (SPO Staff & CEO) 6. Create a strategy to expand current revenue streams & identify new revenue streams. (SPO Board)

Pillar 4: Enhanced Interaction Success Measures: a) Strengthen alignment with SC, including strategic plan. b) Enhance grassroots communications. c) Increase brand recognition of SPO, in cooperation with Softball Ontario and its other Member Associations. d) Develop marketing strategies that include analytics and increase sponsor dollars. e) Conduct effective lobbying that includes being on the program for major events, hosting National & International events. f) Capture the economic impact for hosting a Provincial Championship for a local softball association & its community. g) Strengthen the leadership at the grass roots.

Major Initiatives – Roles 1. Distribute SPO’s Strategic Plan to Softball Canada, Softball Ontario and its other Member Associations. (SPO CEO & Staff) 2. Review SC’s annual survey from Ontario’s membership. (SPO CEO) 3. Develop a communication plan with best practices to interact with all members. (SPO CEO) 4. Develop a marketing plan using Softball Canada’s template to attract sponsors for dollars and goods in kind. (SPO Staff) 5. Promote the benefits of hosting a National or International event in Ontario. (SPO Staff) 6. Complete the STEAM plan to determine the economic impact of hosting a Provincial Championship in Ontario. (SPO Staff)