History of SPN

Slo-Pitch National Softball Inc., also known as Slo-Pitch National or SPN, commenced its journey in 1989 with the initiation of tournaments, league and team memberships, and umpire programs tailored for Canada's slo-pitch community. The primary goal was to create diverse divisions of play, catering not only to the elite players in Canada but also encompassing various age groups and skill levels, extending its reach to grassroots players. The guiding principle was to maintain simplicity while establishing itself as a distinctive organization, offering a tournament program that surpassed others in terms of quality and innovation.

Dedicated to serving the slo-pitch community nationwide, Slo-Pitch National actively provides and advocates for organized slo-pitch programs. These programs are designed for players, teams, coaches, league executives, umpires, and event organizers throughout Canada. Slo-Pitch National extends its commitment to member teams by offering a comprehensive Canada-wide qualifying tournament program, leading participants to Regional, Provincial, and National Championships across more than 25 categories and skill levels.

Collaborating with a devoted team of volunteers, Slo-Pitch National effectively administers, coordinates, and regulates an extensive portfolio of over 950 tournaments each season throughout Canada. This collective effort ensures the continued growth and success of organized slo-pitch programs under the banner of Slo-Pitch National.